Automatic Chicken Doors

ChickenSentry range of Automatic Chicken Doors and Controller Openers for Poultry.

Safe Secure and Reliable.

Keep your chickens safe at night from Foxes, Quolls, and Dogs with the only Chicken Door you will ever need!  Our aim was to build a safe and reliable door system that avoided using the string approach many chicken door openers use.  Instead of string  each door is fitted with a powerful Linear Actuator arm which acts as an active lock when closed against any attempts to lift the door in addition for safety of Animals, Children and Adults we designed and built in a safety switch bar mounted at the base of the sliding door this will cause the door to stop closing if pressed or fingers or other objects are in the way, once the object finger or other item is removed the door will continue to close.  Ideal for Backyards, Schools and larger farm sized flocks, chicken tractor projects.

Their is both a single door controller and multi door controller which can be mounted anywhere that a cable can be run to connect to the poultry doors up to 30 meters to each automatic door unit.  Option for both Battery Backup in the event of power failure and also Solar Panel for off grid coop use. (Please note battery power and solar requirements can differ to various locations and seasonal sun time so take this into consideration when ordering these options)

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