Watchful Rooster provides time saving products and devices that make keeping and maintaining Backyard and Small Flock chickens easier for man , woman and chickens!

I grew up as a child visiting my grandparents chicken farm in Kerang, Victoria (Australia) in the late 60's and early 70's when I started keeping some chickens for fresh eggs I saw the need to automate all the tasks as much as possible or both myself and for others. Being conscious of the need for fresh eggs and well treated chickens doing it in such a way as to make it fit in with a busy suburban family with young children was a necessity.

  • First we did the Mains Water Garden Hose connected Automatic Chicken Waterer to make sure the chickens never went without and to save the time to do the daily water refill and or water level check.
  • Second with the inspiration of my young son we designed all weather Gravity Feeder that could be placed in the coop or in the run area's without having the feed soaked when it rained.
  • Thirdly the Automatic Chicken Coop Door with a Battery Backup and option for Solar Panel for Charging.

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