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Automating your Chicken Coop - A quick guide for beginners with your first Backyard Chickens Automating daily tasks for your Backyard or Farm yard flock can make the difference between it being practical or not especially for those of us in Metropolitan area's or hobby farms wher we have day job's but understand the benefits and importants of having chickens and those yummy home laid eggs or meat chickens raised by our own hands.To begin with we need products and devices that make sure your chickens are watered, feed and secure at night from foxes and other predators these are top priority from day one.Watchful Rooster have products and devices to address all 3 of these area's and tasks  Automatic Chicken Waterer that is connected using standard Garden hose connectors that works on both mains water and Tank low pressure water.  Chicken Feeders Gravity Feeders that allow for weekly refilling or buy as many as you need to acheive the refill schedule that suits your circumstances Automatic Chicken Doors or Opener that open and close to let the chickens out early or at a time you want and close the door in the evening all preset by a convenient timer. read more
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