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Time Saving Products and Devices to Automate Keeping Backyard Chicken Coops

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Chicken Drinkers and Waterers

Automatic Chicken Drinker Waterer with 6 drinking points

Watchful Rooster
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Aesthetically unobtrusive, functional to a tee they will make the watering and feeding of your flock a breeze. SIMPLE AND EASY TO USEOur Automatic Drinkers mount on almost any wall, fence chicken wire.Connect with a Garden Hose, fittings available in either Plastic Nylex style or Brass using a garden house. easy to move when needed with one hand if needed.

About us and what we make

We produce products that makes having backyard chickens easy and practical for busy people. 

We all enjoy fresh eggs but not always have the time to devote time every day of the week!
Each of our products has been designed and tested with our own backyard flock, with our mission to save time and provide your chickens with the feed, water and living environment to keep them safe and happy. Installed and setup correctly chicken coops can be automated and semi automated to only require only hour a week you pick the day to feed and water your flock.  With our Automatic Drinkers / Waterers you will never need to spend time daily filling of water containers again. The only daily task you need after following our automation recommendation is to collect the eggs each morning and or evening.  Currently under design and testing is also our Multiple Door Chicken door controller and chicken doors to make sure your chooks are out in the morning and safely locked up at night whether you are at home in time or not.

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